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the trials of teachers on big-name slave ships

The trial lesson brings in the cash. It's that simple. Every English school lives or dies by its ability to give an excellent trial lesson. This special first lesson — usually given one-on-one with a native speaker chosen specifically because of their ability to simultaneously relax and motivate — will do as much, if not more, to convince the prospective student to put their money on the table and join up as anything the secretary/salesperson will say before or after. It's the money shot. And yet, for the teachers working at the big-name slave schools, it means nothing in terms of their wallets. Oh, for a few select head-teachers it may mean an extra 1000 yen or so tacked onto their paycheck at the end of the month, but for the majority, there isn't even a thank you from the secretary/salesperson. More likely, it's an interruption from the REALLY important duties of the day like grading and writing test reports ("Yoshi has a tendency to confuse 'r' and 'l' sounds"), reviewing the curriculum (can we all spell Y-A-W-N, ladies and gentlemen?) or searching desperately for some activity to use in tonight's class from one of the endless number of books in the company bookshelf.

At the slave schools, a trial lesson is just another boring task the teacher needs to do in order to earn that less-than-adequate bank transfer at the end of the month.

ThisiswhatIcamemorethanhalfwayacrosstheworldtodo? Earn lots money for someone else?

As a Smith's School of English franchisee, things are different. Really different. Every successful trial lesson makes you money. Wait a second; let's rephrase that. Every successful trial lesson makes you ALL the money. That's right, you get all of it. The joining fee, the tuition fee, the referral fee, everything. Each and every time. Brass in pocket. And because of that, the power of immediate tangible rewards like cold hard cash, your perception of the trial lesson changes. It becomes a trial in the original sense of the word; a test of how good you really are.

At Smith's, we recognize the true value of the trial lesson. And the excellent trial lesson teacher. We train our franchisees to give better trial lessons. The kind of trial lessons that allow our franchisees and our sales support staff to flow together smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. Trial lessons that bring in the students and bring in the cash for our franchisees. Week after week, month after month. Because that's what it takes to make a successful school: an excellent trial lesson teacher with a dynamic support staff.

C'mon. Take a break from the galley oars and start having some fun making the kind of money you feel you're worth.

You can contact our Franchise Operations desk between 1 and 10pm. We'll get you moving towards building a successful franchise faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Join our team. Change your life.